Aren’t LinkedIn posts one of the most business informative pieces of content you come across daily, during the time you set aside for informing yourself? It is for us and we’ve recently read a great piece from Mr. Daniele Esposito, who is a trade and information advisor for the Enterprise Europe Network and who took his time to state some of the reasons why forward-looking businesses should choose Latvia for business.

He states among others, the delicious beer from local microbreweries, tasting delicacies and fresh berries. Or accessing multilingual, highly educated and hardworking staff. Using one of the fastest internet connection in Europe, a highly innovative research environment and then a traditional Latvian sauna for relaxation. Taking advantage of the strategic logistic location between Europe and Asia, equipped with advanced transport infrastructure in a vibrant business environment, while enjoying a visit to the opera or a centuries-old folk choir tradition for an affordable price. Benefiting from investment incentives, free ports and special economic zones, in one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

You can check out below the video ” A Journey through Latvia”, produced by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

Find out more about the full article here or about Latvia by visiting the Investement and Developement Agency of Latvia website.