At the end of June the town of Rovinj held a conference and incentive for an IT company and its East European branches. Over 130 participants were part of the event, coming from Germany, Greece, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine.

The event was concluded by the Fisherman’s Adventure incentive program, where participants got to know the local environment in a fun way. The boats sailed under the corporate flags and reached the Pirate cave where the treasure was hidden. The battle between ships for the precious discovery continued with water weapons and only skilful sailors could escape the damage.

When the sea calmed, the participants started preparing for the toughest challenge – catching a fish. With success and a satisfied stomach, the participants had their final get-together on island Sv. Andrija and this was the highlight of the day. The open end with beach activities was the perfect closure for the sunny day in Istria, Croatia.

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