The OICE (Osservatorio Italiano dei Congressi e degli Eventi) investigated the development of the meeting industry in Italy and reported that the conference sector is blooming. The study showed some significant data to back this up.

In 2015 a total of 392.658 events took place in Italy with a minimum of 10 participants.  Compared to 2014 this is an increase of 22%. These events involved over 25 million participants which means an increase of 7.3%.

On average, the event duration was 1.5 days. The participations related to the event duration of 1.5 days were over 35 million in 2015. This means that the number of people who visited the event for more than one day increased to 15% in 2015. There is a slight 3,8% decrease in the average number of participants per event.

As for the location of the 392.658 events, the majority (56.1%) took place in the North of Italy.  This is an increase of 13.7% compared to 2014. Also, the number of events rose in the Center (+8.7% than 2014), the South and on Islands (+8.9% than 2014).

In total, the development of the Italian conference sector is very good. Therefore Italy is an interesting destination for planning a congress, conference or event in the near future.

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