We found a very interesting article that deals with a very common topic, probably one that we are all dealing with as we speak. We live in an age of informational overload, and we are living the pros and cons of connectivity, anytime, anywhere, with almost anyone.

Many sources come up telling us that too much content is dangerous, yet we surely all want to develop and be highly prepared in our fields.

The author suggests we don’t pursue mindlessly another person’s idea of productivity, but that we find a balance between ingesting content and actually understanding and applying what we learn in the real world. Instead of superficially consuming content all the time, we might need to make more room for a deeper comprehension.

Productivity Culture teaches us to do more in less time, but maybe a better outcome would be to just want less and be ok with the choices we make. Ultimately it is about being ok with our goals and choices, the ones that are important to us, without feeling like we are missing out on something more.