There are 4 generations of active segements in today’s workforce, making team motivation a challenge for managers and HR leaders, as obviously each age group reacts differently due to their different needs. Blueboard proposes tips for motivation of employees in their:

  • Twenties: Employees in this age group want to feel like their work is contributing to something important, so your company’s mission must be clear and meaningful. Be sure to also show and recognise their results and good work.
  • Thirties: They need flexible schedules that give them freedom to manage their work and personal lives. Measures such as medical leave policies, flexible work time and enhanced technology to support remote communication work perfectly for these people.
  • Forties: Certain aging issues are emerging for this age group, so their health needs should be catered, with sensible snack and lunch options for example or even a gym membership.
  • Fifties-Sixties-and nowadays even Seventies: It’s very important to offer professional development resources that help these employees to learn new skills and boost their confidence when competing with the younger employees.