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tmf dialogue marketing supports World Obesity Federation’s Healthy Venues Award. This new programme will help venues around the globe, support their visitors and staff in making healthier choices and to help minimise the negative health impacts of conference-going.

Veitshöchheim/Germany, 6 October 2015 – Corporations and Associations increasingly put attention to health promoting issues during conferences and meetings as part of their attempts to keep delegates well and healthy. tmf dialogue marketing, a specialist communication agency in the global meetings space is happy to support World Obesity’s new concept of ‘Healthy Venues’ and will champion these new concepts in the meetings industry supply chain moving forwards.

Johanna Fischer, managing director of tmf dialogue, stresses the importance of this topic:

“We think that the question of how to improve health quality and access to offers for delegates of international events is gaining much importance, due to increased stress levels of employees and resulting health problems – which then lead to high cost burdens for employers.“

World Obesity’s Head of Events Natasha Joyner explains:

“With the new Healthy Venues Award we want to minimise the negative health impacts of conference-going, and use the opportunity of people stepping outside of their routine to nudge them towards healthier choices by improving the health footprint – “healthprint” of the venue. Healthy Venues will look holistically at the attendee experience, from providing healthier food options to encouraging more physical activity in and around the venue with the health benefits being communicated to attendees.”

More about the “Healthy Venues” award can be found on World Obesity’s website.

*tmf dialogue marketing enjoys international recognition as specialists for dialogue marketing in the meetings market. With a unique range of expertise, the company supports leading convention bureaus and destinations as well as top-level suppliers in the development of mutually beneficial relationships with planners. Services include content marketing, market research, communication (marketing, sales and pr) and consulting services. tmf also delivers content and copy-writing service for corporations and associations around events and conferences. With Healthy Meetings gaining importance, tmf embraces, supports and consults on initiatives for healthier congresses and meetings of associations, corporate meeting planners and their service suppliers in the meetings market. The agency has offices in Germany and India. Website:

*World Obesity Federation represents professional members of the scientific, medical and research communities from over 50 regional and national obesity associations. Through its membership World Obesity creates a global community of organizations dedicated to solving the problems of obesity. Their mission is to lead and drive global efforts to reduce, prevent and treat obesity.

On October 11, 2015, World Obesity will launch the first World Obesity Day. The obesity epidemic is rapidly becoming one of the biggest public health challenges and is ranking in the top three causes of chronic ill-health globally. World Obesity is using this opportunity to raise awareness about obesity and the need for urgent action. The theme of #WorldObesityDay is “We Must Act Now“.

Here you can find more information about World Obesity Day.

Contacts at tmf dialogue marketing:

Johanna Fischer,
Managing Director
+49 (0) 931 9002 111

Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
+49 (0) 931 9002 114 

Contact at World Obesity

Kevin Scott
Marketing and Communications Manager
+44 (0) 20 7685 2580

Hannah Brinsden
Head of Advocacy & Public Affairs
+44 (0) 20 7685 2580