We want our industry to be healthy – and therefore we start a “self-testing” campaign on facebook  to make you think about new ideas for healthy meetings.

As we women are anyway open to healthy alternatives, we believe that we need to convince men that healthy options are a choice for them. Therefore we have declared the only one man in our team to be the “guinea pig” of our campaign.  Fredi is going go be adventurous, open and daring and even willing to appear on facebook.  We will make him try what you suggest and will document his comments for you. Promised! So please start thinking about challenges for him!

Our first test will start next week with finding a healthy and sleep-promoting drink for the bar in the congress hotels, to offer delegates an alternative to Gin Tonic, Wine and Beer. We have our special detox consultant, Gina, who will develop an “absacker” that we think should appeal to men!

You are very welcome to suggest what could be an interesting and “sexy” drink that is good for health but at the same time presentable in a “bar” environment; we don’t really believe we can pull the crowd into tea lounges, when their buddies are all in the bar! Send us your suggestions on facebook!