As a passion, my company constantly monitors initiatives to promote healthier congresses and meetings (which is the environment we are busy with). We all travel a lot and many of us join meetings or congresses somewhere on the globe, with little time to recover, relax or experience where you actually are. I find this both uninspiring and very stressful and I can see that others feel the same – despite they often do not admit it. I have no problems to share that my body is affected a lot by jet-lag, different climate zones, lack of sleep and rest and the wrong kind of food.

Healthy meetings support a body that feels well. I have always been very interested in what countries around the world have to offer me to feel better during travel times, something that I can’t find somewhere else so easily and with the same feeling. Sometimes this was forced (getting ill on a journey and experiencing the most original treatments in Mexico, Taiwan, Shanghai, Brunei and other exotic spaces), but most of the times it was from curiosity and fun to explore!

Japan Conference Offers in Well-Being

Isn’t it interesting to learn that in a generally expensive country like Japan, medical check-ups and acupuncture treatments come at a very favourable cost! If I would organise a conference in Japan in near future, this is what I would offer to my delegates:

  • A break-out room turned into a acupuncture clinic available during the conference hours for appointments.
  • To extend the stay for a couple of days and experience a post-conference tour to one of the traditional Japanese baths, with hot waters in a magical surrounding!
  • Give them access to producers of a unique kinds of pillow, which takes away headaches and tensions and is only available in Japan.

You can tell that this country presently keeps my thoughts busy….

Well-Being Tips for Conference Organizers

But there are many other tips on how to integrate little gifts and personal escapes into your travel or into meetings you organise for others – here a small selection of options:

  • Arrive a day earlier to sleep and adapt when travelling overseas.
  • Create a food concept (for yourself or for delegates); i.e. plenty of green smoothie supplies, few carbohydrates, light and healthy food in general; teas (Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine) to relax; mocktails that can give a great alternative to alcoholic drinks (despite I love a glass of good wine, or two).
  • Take care that the beds in the hotel are good and that there is space to breath.
  • If in a sunny country, plan some of the meetings outside.
  • If in Germany, know that we have great forests and that there are special health programs integrating being in the forest, breathing, exploring, learning.
  • Always have a yoga teacher at your conference who will remind people of breathing and doing exercise to relief from tension.
  • Give Omega 3 capsules as a pillow gift to delegates with a little explanatory story as of how good it is for your brain.
  • Put Kurkuma/Turmeric in dishes as it has a high anti-inflamatory effect and is one of the few substances you always should add to your nutrition.
  • Give people a chance to be themselves.

Says Natasha Joyner, Events Manager of World Obesity Federation, who I have recently met during a conference:

Each year in the United States alone there are an estimated 225 million visitors to conventions, conferences, congress and other events. All too often these events are unhealthy affairs with healthy food and opportunities to exercise too hard to access.

That is why World Obesity Federation has introduced a new Healthy Venues scheme, which shall minimise the negative health impacts of conference-going, and use the opportunity of people stepping outside of their routine to nudge them towards healthier choices by improving the health footprint – “healthprint” of the venue. Other organisations and associations presently initiate similar campaigns and it would be wise to create concepts to match the expectations!

Bear with me for more information on how to create Healthy Meetings!

With a focus on quality, context and innovation, the tmf dialogue team develops strategies for new markets like India and Asia, for holistic content marketing solutions in the global meetings industry, and supports initiatives as well as creates concepts for healthy meetings and healthy destinations, which will be the next big thing in the meetings industry worldwide.
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