Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.

Paul J. Meyer

Kevin Cottam is a great friend of mine and helps companies and organisations to create excellence in their teams and in their performance. I have worked with Kevin on various projects in the past and know how inspirational and motivating his work as a coach can be! As the personal energy of attendees at a meeting is substantial for good results and an overall “Healthy Meeting”, he shares a few insights with you – thanks Kevin!

The Power of Setting Intentions, Outcomes and Service
When you are preparing to attend a trade show, a MICE conference, or a meeting in general, there is an IOS strategic planning process you might want to consider to enhance the well-being success of your meetings. They are – setting Intentions, Outcomes and Service. IOS – no this is not an acronym for a new apple operating system, however it could be! To maximize your possibilities of success (ROI) as well as energy well-spent (ROIE – return on invested energy), the IOS strategic planning process can also add to you mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social well-being. So it is a ‘double whammy’ – success and feeling great about what you are doing.

I = Intentions: The Intention sets the environment of how you want to ‘show up’ and ‘what you want to specifically happen or get out of’ in your meetings. When you are heading to a meeting, I know that you probably have worked out the focus of the meeting. Fabulous. However, have you set a very clear and specific Intention? You may ask yourself, ‘What is an Intention’? An Intention is a statement of something of what ‘you want to happen’ or want to achieve. Once set, you move the conversations towards that Intention. Intentions usually start with ‘I want … to have… or to be… or to decide … For example, I/we want ‘to be satisfied with the whole event’ or ‘to have this conversation lead to contracts’ or ‘to be speak clearly and listen well to my clients needs’ or ‘to smile and be vibrant even when I am exhausted after my 100th meeting’.

O = Outcomes: Yes, you set outcomes to estimate your ROI. Congratulations. An outcome is something that you quantitatively want to happen which is linked to achieving your Intention. This is connected to your mental and emotional well-being. Why? Because if your Outcomes are not achieved with respect to the intentions you have set, you then leave yourself open to sadness, feeling unsuccessful and perhaps even a failure. Setting realistic outcomes that are achievable and push you a little to go past what you think might be achievable, is vital for the meetings success experience. For example, ‘I want to collect 50 business cards that are potential leads’ or ‘I want to seal 5 contracts’ or ‘I will get invited to speak at the next conference’.

S = Service: This is a highly important piece for your meetings success experience, which is often not thought about. Why, because this is exactly what most people energetically do not consciously connect to. Service is holistic and a full circle. When you are considering your Intentions and Outcomes then ask yourself, ‘What is this in Service of? How will this serve my company? How will this serve me or my team? This is the feeling, emotional and spiritual piece. It is important to know how you want your team, company, clients and yourself to feel/be when you go into the events, during and when you come out away from the event. This is SERVICE. Set this conversation up front with your team and also yourself before you get there. Know clearly, ‘what is this event in Service to? Then have super fun with this experience.

Last TIPS:
1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare by taking the time to go through the IOS strategic process for the whole event and for each meeting.
2. Be careful to change the IO during the event, as this can throw you off your direction.
3. Smile a lot and experience, experience, experience!

Kevin Cottam, a Canadian based in Singapore is a global Motivational Speaker, Performance Mastery Coach, Certified Mentor Coach and works in the areas of maximizing Performance, Well-Being and Creativity. He has spoken internationally at many MICE events, GIBTM, EIBTM, MPI and Site Conferences. He recently toured with the SITE India Chapter to promote the value of SITE and the importance of Innovation.

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