“Sustainability” is on everybody’s lips, so it’s not a surprise that sustainable events are in fashion. However, there aren’t many event planners who actually know what a sustainable event should look like.

In his LinkedIn article Mark Kessels, managing director of Converve GmbH, gives 8 tips on how to organize a trade fair or congress sustainably.

Tip 1: It starts with the management system: Plan – Do – Check – Act (PDCA)

Tip 2: Visit sustainability events at MICE events

Tip 3: Network with other event organizers and exchange experiences

Tip 4: Use online resources on sustainable events

Tip 5: Do good and talk about it!

Tip 6: Don’t take it too seriously. Be playful

Tip 7: Offset Your Participant’s CO2 Emissions

Tip 8: Train staff on sustainability

Read the complete article and learn how to organize your next event in a sustainable way.