Obesity is one of the most obvious reasons for heart and circulatory diseases, for unhappiness and depressions – and vice versa – and is one of the most frequent reasons to die early. A good reason to fight it, don’t you agree?

In a new PR cooperation, tmf dialogue supports the World Obesity Federation, based in London, in some campaigns related to the meetings industry and also beyond. As content specialists and pr enthusiasts we love to contribute and we hope for the strong engagement of the meetings industry.

We need your help! Please join in to make these great efforts of WOF a huge and global success!

1. First we all need to make aware the World Obesity Day on October 11!
We will send you a separate call for attention, which you can help to spread in your own networks – awareness always is the first step into change! Tell everybody you know, that obesity is dangerous, bad for the health and wellbeing and that you care! Watch out for more!

2. World Obesity Federation initiates a new award for Healthy Venues, to help promote healthy habits and programs during meetings and congresses. It seems only logic that we at tmf have a strong take in that and we support this campaign full heartedly, as you know this is a key topic in our communication and strategy planning for clients!

3. A campaign for a picture gallery will then follow, where obesity problems are not displayed in a humiliating way, but with a different and more loving approach. We all want to help people with this problem, and not make them a target of disrespectful and sad perceptions and prejudices.

Join in! If you want to help introducing healthy meetings and conferences in what you do, we will be happy to help develop programs that fit your purposes and objectives!

Please take 5 minutes to answer the following questions in the survey – it will also give you a few good ideas, where to start with your own healthy meetings programs!

World Obesity Federation, your delegates and tmf dialogue thank you for your contribution!

Contacts at tmf dialogue marketing:
Johanna Fischer
Managing Director
+49 (0) 931 9002 111

Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
+49 (0) 931 9002 114