We think you should feel well, relaxed and comfortable with us, when we invite you for our events! Our wednesday tmf-connect event is sold out and we look forward to all our destination partners and planners’ guests sharing some quality time with us! Besides yoga we have some other fun surprises for you!

Bianca is our colleague and an experienced yoga teacher; she will help you getting in the mood! Here is her message:

“My name is Bianca and I love doing yoga. Inspired by my mother I already started practicing yoga with her when I was very little and that passion for moving, stretching and breathing deeply never stopped. Because of that great feeling I experienced trough yoga I had the need to share it with others. So when I was 20 year old I made my first education for being a yoga instructor in Munich, followed by many more courses and trainings. Since that I am teaching Yoga – for over 10 years now. I still love it and I am sure doing yoga is helpful for all situations in life, such as being slightly exhausted from a busy tradeshow and want to unwind and get rid of the tension of the day…. I look forward to doing some “business yoga” with you on Wednesday, at the tmf-connect event!”