Flying is often expensive, even in the economy class. Therefore the joy of getting a bargain is usually very large. Just because nearly 85% of seats are filled on US airline flights and simultaneously increase the complaints against the US airlines, it is important to follow some rules. Note just a few rules to make the journey comfortable for yourself and for the other passengers. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts for flying economy class, as suggested by Expedia:

Before the flight

1. Do: Before you pass through the security empty your pockets into your bag in good time.
Don’t: Remain behind after you received back your hand luggage.

2. Do: Board the plane gracefully. Leave an empty step between yourself and the passenger in front of you.
Don’t: Cut the queue.

3. Do: Stow your hand-luggage thoughtfully and put your bags in long-ways.
Don’t: Put more than one bag into the overhead lockers. You can put a second one at your feet.

4. Do: Be flexible about seating arrangements e.g. consider swapping seats to allow a family to sit together.
Don’t: Swap seats until the plane has reached cruising altitude.

During the flight

5. Do: Be courteous to your neighbors and keep your personal items close.
Don’t: Hog the armrests.

6. Do: Converse always with caution and only talk to the person sitting next to you if they want to.
Don’t: Speak loudly and disruptively.

7. Do: If you want to sleep during your flight bring a travel pillow so you don’t invade other people’s space.
Don’t: Stretch your legs out if they block access to the aisle.

8. Do: Always treat the flight attendants with respect and make time to say thanks to them.
Don’t: Blame employees personally for faults with the airline.

9. Do: Use the bathroom quickly and keep it clean.
Don’t: Linger too long, so other people can use the bathroom as well.

After the flight

10. Do: Disembark calmly. Take care of other people and their belongings.
Don’t: Stand up to open the overhead lockers until the seatbelt sign turns off.