Short, creative and structured breaks are the new alternative to cookies and coffee during an event. Angela Gaffney at gave 15 ideas to implement at your next event:

1. Lead attendees on a brisk 15-minute walk (you’ll walk 2,000 steps!).

2. Create five-minute stairwell-climb challenges.

3. Serve hot green tea for an afternoon antioxidant and caffeine boost.

4. Create a five-minute circuit challenge of push-ups, planks, and squats.

5. Get attendees laughing with a five-minute comedy act.

6. Define some space and turn up the tunes for a five- to 10-minute dance party.

7. Enjoy a light snack of homemade trail mix for afternoon energy.

8. Set up an easy five- to 10-minute stretch circuit.

9. Offer attendees a guided 10-minute meditation.

10. Lead attendees through a five-minute breathing exercise.

11. Encourage attendees to get outside for 10 minutes of fresh air.

12. Send attendees off on mini scavenger hunts, and provide prizes for winners at the end of the day.

13. Provide something inspirational for attendees to read during the break.

14. Lead attendees through a gratitude practice by having them write down five to 10 things they’re grateful for.

15. Offer a treat of rich dark chocolate for a little antioxidant and energy boost.

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