ecomice – initiative for sustainable supply chains in the MICE sector

Huge gaps exist between an abundance of national government, local administration, convention- and visitor bureaux’ development strategies and their translation into effective communications and relevant programmes for the MICE sector.

For our industry, SDG–driven development is occurring with such speed and energy that it can often lead to a sense of helplessness.  At this point in time, what we lack are sound evaluation criteria for “sustainably-aware” MICE buyers.

Most destinations refer to “green-ness” in one way or another. What we need to learn, however, is how to make MICE programmes truly sustainable, and indeed responsible. And this involves careful examination of the complete supply chain.

Certification is a first step for orientation, but this can at times be quite confusing as there are so many schemes out there to choose from.

Nurturing sustainable thinking and relevant messaging for MICE programmes and events in key industries, research & development, politics, and society at large is quite new to our industry. And this is where genuine creativity must and has to be developed.

Legacy projects and knowledge transfers are important for corporate events and association conferences and there is much to be learned for all parties involved in planning ecologically oriented, complex, and intellectual programmes.

Clarity and direction are needed to avoid confusion, greenwashing, and delays in urgent sustainable progress and future-oriented development.

We work with destinations and their stakeholders to identify, structure, and communicate a new generation of experiences based on sound and sustainable criteria – environmental, economic, and social. As a group of experienced and dedicated experts, we collaborate to offer a broad spectrum of relevant expertise.

For example:  

  • Education on new and pertinent topics for meaningful and memorable MICE programmes and events
  • Image, branding, and communications training
  • New “stages” for collaboration with corporate and association buyers
  • MICE marketing and communications / storytelling
  • Targeted MICE audiences and qualified meeting planners interested in key industries, research topics, hands-on political strategies, and sustainable solutions

We work with buyers in a trustworthy, transparent, and partner-like manner. We value community and mutual collaboration with destination partners to facilitate positive change.

ecomice is “home” for all in our industry who are passionate about sustainable development, concerned about the state of our planet, and who want to help.

Economic growth at all expense has proven not to be a sustainable paradigm for life on earth. What we need are innovative ways of thinking and working together.


ecomice for sustainable supply chains and legacy projects

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Johanna Fischer

Dr. Patrick Patridge

ecomice by tmf dialogue, June 2022