Justin Osborne, contributor at Curatti, recently published an article reflecting on the digital marketing trends of 2017 and predicting those of 2018.

According to Osborne, two headlining trends of 2017 were augmented reality and native advertising. Market and Market released a report which stated the augmented and virtual reality markets are anticipated to reach a net worth of $151.3 billion in the next 5 years! Native advertising is when companies create ads that appear to consumers less like ads and something more like they would naturally read or watch during their free time.

On to predictions for 2018…

Video and Interactive Content:

Videos have the potential to attract and entertain a larger audience because concepts are best/easiest illustrated with audiovisual materials instead of just text.

Live streaming is a subcategory which is gaining traction every day – social media influencers on Instagram are the ones who utilise it the most for marketing purposes. It also brings a degree of interactivity. The audience is able to communicate with each other and the presenter through a live comment section during the stream. Live streaming is also very budget friendly – you don’t need a professional film crew, the more natural the better.

Mobility on the rise:

With things such as live streaming or posting videos on social networking sites, followers are often encouraged to turn on post notifications so they can join in on the fun right as it is happening. This need to stay updated and connected at all times means most are even more glued to their Smartphones as before. It’s also important to note that a lot of apps, like Instagram, are only accessible on mobile. Make sure your content and information are easily accessible by Smartphone!

Keep it personal

While it isn’t necessarily a new trend, personal tailored ads and content are very important especially going into 2018. The marketer will have to now ask his customers about their preferences and why they are interested in the product or service. This information should then be recorded and saved to be used for all later interactions with that specific customer.

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