Forbes recently released an article about 7 Lithuanian startups in various genres to keep an eye out for. The governmental organization, Startup Lithuania, handpicked these startups to represent the Baltic Region on the world stage including at DLD in Tel Aviv as well as TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco which has started on September 18! The World Economic Forum has previously released that Lithuania has become a leading European hotspot for entrepreneurs – these great startups only solidfy that statement.

Here are 4 of the startups – but make sure to read the original article to find out more about all 7:

Hunters – Real Estate 
A better and more cost efficient alternative to job boards or posting, Hunters supplies real estate agencies with a constant flow of potential pre-qualified candidates. These people are attracted from google, social media, targeted databases as well as other sources. They are subsequently tested on their potential by asking questions about education, experience, desired salary and more. Over the past two years, 651 salespeople have been connected with companies and hired due to Hunters. Interviews with candidates can also be scheduled directly through the app.

Tellq – E-commerce
“Next generation call centre software for E-commerce.” Tellq will allow you to miss less calls, reduce wait times and increase sales. There is also the option to integrate the software with your online platform like Shopify. Companies in more than 80 countries have already adopted the software!

Pixevia – Artifical Intelligence
This start up can actually be broken down into 3 different parts: Pixevia Objects, Pixevia Core and Pixevia Nav. In general the start up provides artificial intelligence solutions for smart cities and drones. Pixevia Objects can identify a number of different items such as cars, licence plates, even faces – and all of this real time! Pixevia Objects can be utilized for security, retail or parking analytics. Pixevia Core is the software behind Pixevia Objects. Pixevia Nav offers a solution to a more militant problem when GPS systems are useless within a warzone. Through a number of different sensors and algorithms, the system is still able to track your location and give further directions towards your destination.

Elinta Motors – Transportation
Although the Elinta Group was founded in 1991, serious experience and product formulation within the electric mobility industry began in 2010. The electric mobility industry includes drive, battery and charging systems. Since 2014, Elinta Motors has moving towards creating products for the commercial market. Currently in the pre-production stage, Elina Motors has developed prototypes for motor controllers, battery management systems, a hybrid control module and much more. Wide spread use of electrical cars and other forms of transportation isn’t as far away as previously thought!

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