A vast number of different technologies is used at events and trade shows and so, it’s not a surprise that many people lose track. Therefore, the question arises: Which is the best technology and which technology leads to success?

In order to be truly great, event technology should be aligned with your event goals and used in a way that promotes engagement and interaction.

The following 7 technologies will help you to drive attendee engagement.

1. Perform interactive product demonstrations
With the help of interactive touch screens, exhibitors can demonstrate their products. Complex processes or large products can be simply illustrated. The visitor is involved and has to interact to learn more.

2. Promote friendly competition with gamification
There are a lot of gamification possibilities, such as game show tech, gamification apps and social media contests. It’s a fantastic opportunity to create unique brand associations and give attendees something special to remember you.

3. Transform your booth using augmented reality
Augmented Reality is an important topic and there are a wide range of possible applications. For example you can create a virtual scavenger for the guests. The participants have to find hidden objects and hints, which are superimposed on the actual state. There are many more possibilities as you can use VR and AR. This technique has a lot of potential, but just make sure VR makes sense for your content and event goals.

4. Draw a crowd with great video wall content
The impressive size and great resolution of video walls make them much better than standard monitors, and your content options are greater too. You can display Social Media feeds, live demonstrations or sponsors.

5. Direct & inspire conversation on social media
Events are a great way to go in contact with attendees in person and online. If you really want connections to last beyond the event, you should have a social media strategy in place to promote your booth and inspire others to interact on your accounts.

6. Invite guests to charge their phones for free
Nowadays the mobile phone is essential as a work tool. Invite the participants to charge their phones for free. This give you a great opportunity to get your brand in front of attendees, have meaningful conversations and distribute promotional material.

7. Create an irresistible event photo opp
Create a unique photo opp to get a steady stream of guests ready to talk to you and explore your space. Let your imagination run wild and create a cool social media photo station to inspire posts and simultaneously promote your booth and brand.

If you use the 7 technologies correctly, your event will be a success.

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