Did you know that most meetings and events are designed for extroverts? However, about half of the participants has introvert personalities. Sharon Fisher, Play With a Purpose Chief IdeaSparker, explained at the 2017 Meeting Professionals International’s World Education Congress, that it’s possible to hold an event that is suitable for extroverts and introverts.

But first of all you should know how the individual groups think and feel.

  • Extroverts often think out loud, while introverts prefer to think things through before they speak. In general, introverts prefer to communicate in writing and rarely seek the direct conversation.
  • Extroverts will talk with anyone about anything, while introverts limit their personal confidences to people they trust.
  • Extroverts are very sociable and like to mingle with the people, while introverts prefer to stay in the background.
  • Extroverts gain energy during the day when they talk to other people, while introverts start the day with their energy tanks full and become drained as the day goes on.

In addition, Sharon Fischer said that shyness is not related to introversion or extroversion. Shyness is related to social anxiety and a fear of being judged.

Fischer communicated the following 7 ideas to make events amenable to introverts:

1. Add some down time

2. Add some quiet spaces

3. De-intensify your Q&As

4. Don’t waste your name badges

5. Use icebreakers to ease introverts into the program

6. Provide signs on each table that specify a fun topic

6. Have them “walk the walls.”

Source: www.meetingsnet.com