As the number of delegates and the frequency of association meetings both continue to increase, associations are seeking to look at newer ways to manage this rise whilst still maintaining the expectations of the delegates in terms of relevant content and networking. This need has led to the development of several new approaches for organizing association meetings. These approaches are promising, more efficient than ever and effective at providing a gainful curated content at the meetings for every individual.

This new model involves, among other things, a large number of short effective meetings rather than single broad one, to feed relevant content directly to the aptest users. Another important aspect is, the selection of the destination greatly depends on the theme of the event. This dependency is such that there is a mutual benefit for both the delegates in terms of opportunities available in the area and for the host city in terms of the increase in its legacy.

Read about the intricacies of this new model as well as other aspects of it in this informative article on the Boardroom’s website: