What could be the destination for your clients’ next meetings, events and congresses? Maybe you’re looking for something new, something that is off the beaten track, a place that is quite unknown and thus, very special. Ever thought about the Faroe Islands? If not, you definitely should… It is a destination that – for sure – very few of your clients and their participants have visited so far .

The 18 tiny islands in the North Atlantic Ocean convince with modern conference facilities, easy accessibility, a well-developed infrastructure, an unspoiled and raw-natured environment, coupled with spectacular wildlife and much more. To give you an idea on what you can do in the Faroe, we would like to present you some proposals.

“A meet with Nordic culture, art and taste”, offered by MICE Faroe Islands
Enjoy an uninterrupted and inspiring meeting, where you will jump right into a creative setup challenging your creative mind. Explore the modern and traditional community based on ancient Nordic cultural heritage and cuisine, and visit a boutique producer of world class salmon production.
More about the proposal “A meet with Nordic culture” here.

“Paddle & Babble”, offered by North Atlantic Xperience (NAX)
Take the traditional walk&talk to a whole new level when paddling and babbling in kayaks along the unbelievable coastline of the Faroe Islands. Uninterrupted business, except for the soothing sounds from the waves, seals and the birds. You will be able to establish new relationships, create unique bonds and unleash a number of new business ideas.

Challenge the executive group to the paddle&babble tour when meeting in the Faroe Islands, perhaps focusing on next years strategy. Staying in the charming downtown Hotel Hafnia the kayaks are only a 5 minutes walk, and you are paddling in the clear and radiant ocean of the North Atlantic.
More about the proposal “Paddle & Babble” here.

“Into the grottoes “, offered by North Atlantic Xperience (NAX)
With a fast going boat out to the island of Hestur you will have the incentive of your life. Swimming through the small caves where you will get the amazing feeling of flying. Learning how to use the powers of nature to get up on the cliff, to the column Álvustakkur and the exceptional cliff nature. Enjoy a nice picnic lunch on the cliffs. And jump into the ocean from various heights.

The amazing grotto concert will be your peak, when a fast going RIB boat takes you into a grotto where a concert is being held. No concerts will be the same because of natures participation. There may be so quiet that you can hear the birds participating, while other times the heavy beating of the waves spin in. Professional instructors will guide you through the whole tour.
More about NAX’s proposal “Into the grottoes” here.

“Executive Meeting – off the beaten track”, offered by GreenGate Incoming
Go to a remote place off the beaten track with your executive team. Yet, not too inaccessible. The Faroe Islands, whose unspoiled and raw-natured environment coupled spectacular wildlife, offer an unforgettable experience.

The small village of Gjógv is in the most picturesque surroundings, far away from the treadmill of everyday life. The perfect setting for your next executive meeting, where you will have the peace and quiet to discuss future strategies and to unleash a number of new business ideas.
More about GreenGate Incoming’s propsal here.

“Green Energy Destination”, offered by GreenGate Incoming
Visit the no. 1 Nordic green energy destination for your next technical tour. The unbelievable, velvety green grass, the rain and the fresh winds of the Faroe Islands ooze of ecology. And the Faroese electricity company, SEV, actually won the Nature and Environment Prize from the Nordic Council in 2015. What an achievement. And a reason to come and catch the tour!

Get an introduction to the ambitious strategy for total green energy by 2030 in the Faroe Islands. Also see the ongoing, exciting research projects in storage of wind power.
Please read the full propsal “Green Energy Destination” here.

“Unstress with locals”, offered by Make Travel
To unstress with locals can be a very rewarding experience when you manage to loosen up and devote yourself to the extraordinary moment of being.

Ride from Tórshavn to the charming village of Velbastaður, where you will dine in Anna & Óli’s place. The food, the beer and the entertainment is locally produced, ensuring the lowest possible CO2 footprint for this event. Your host kindly asks you to leave your mobile phone in the hallway and to ignore the passing of time on your watch. What a treat!
Please find out more about the programme “Unstress with locals” here.

You can find a selection of further proposals on www.visitfaroeislands.com by following this link.

If you’re interested in the Faroe Islands, please contact Annleyg Lamhauge or us from tmf dialogue marketing.

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