Many agencies and corporate planners expressed their interest in the destination Andalusia but had no time to come and meet with the delegation during the recent roadshow. We therefore introduce partners who attended and presented their regions, hotels and DMC services. We pick some of the most interesting ideas and programs for you and hope it will inspire some new views on what Andalusia has to offer for MICE Programs.

We start with a program offered by the DMC Neokoncepts, based in Marbella.


“The Visitor centre of Airbus San Pablo is a dynamic space in constant evolution, renewing and updating the contents in order to create new and satisfying experience. Here is how a program there can look like:

First of all, safety rules will be explained at the beginning of the tour, once all the visitors have their ID badge.

After making some previous recommendations, the dimensions of Airbus and the facilities and resources it has – both throughout the world and in Spain and Andalusia- will be shown. Airbus is developing amazing and innovative products in the different business lines and the projects it has, and on which thousands of people work every day in different countries.

With interactive mockups and explanatory screens and videos, the large family of aircraft developed by the company in these years will be demonstrated. In this zone, particular emphasis is laid on the relevant and even revolutionary technical aspects that Airbus has developed.

You can live the A400M experience, one of the most modern and versatile aircrafts worldwide. It is capable of performing actions no other aircraft of its kind has done up to now and you will find out about its capabilities and power from the inside!

During the visit, the group will have the opportunity to go into the assembly plant of the A400M and C295, two of the most modern aircrafts of the world which take shape right here. Thanks to an interpretative platform, situated over the plant, it is possible to take a close look at all the details of this complex and interesting process through which the aircraft are assembled. You can also familiarize with the final assembly line of C295 and the main characteristics of this aircraft with the help of 360º virtual glasses. By means of explanatory panels and screens, you will have a better understanding of the whole final assembly process of the A400M. At the same time, you can watch the process live from a unique view that will make you enjoy every detail of the relentless and thorough work done in this process inside the FAL.

One of the keys of AIRBUS success is based on its ongoing innovation.

This innovation has enabled the company to add numerous and revolutionary contributions to aeronautics. The evolution of mission systems, production processes and robotics are part of these changes in which Airbus has always been a pioneer. In addition, the training of aircraft technicians and crew has always been a priority for the company thanks to the Training Centre, a cutting-edge centre worldwide. You will discover how teams are trained and the technological resources they use in order to be the best.”

Speak to NEOKONCEPTS to learn about other innovative programs the DMC company offers.

Unai Auzmendi, email: and check the website for more!

This article is part of a series about Andalusia and the MICE offers in the region. It is sponsored by Turismo Andaluz.