We’ve written quite a lot about Riga as a perfect destination for MICE business. So if you travel to the city for a conference or a meeting, for instance, there are many places you should visit in your free time. On KarolinaPatryk.com, a travel & lifestyle blog, we’ve found a great article about the Latvian capital. Karolina Patryk has spent a week in Riga and discovered the best places for you.

1. Latvian Academy of Sciences: there is an observation desk situated at the 17th floor. For 5 € you can get on the top of the building from where you have an amazing view over Riga.

2. The Three Brothers: each of them represents a different architectural style – Dutch Renaissance, Dutch Mannerism and Baroque. According to her: The Three Brothers are the most beautiful buildings in Riga.

3. Riga Town Hall Square: you can find here many attractions in one place, such as the Tourist Information Centre, the famous Blackheads House, the Town Hall, the Statue of Roland and the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia.

4. Central Market: here you can buy everything – food, clothes, shoes, cigarettes etc. It is not a place just for tourists, but one where you can meet many locals too.

5. St Peter’s Church: a beautiful, high and monumental building. You definitely should take some pictures from the outside.

6. Nativity of Christ Cathedral: it is the largest orthodox church in the Baltic countries and it is beautiful both from the inside and outside.

7. Freedom Monument: it was built in memory of the soldiers who died in the battle for independence and functions now as a symbol of free, independent and sovereign Latvia.

8. Riga Cathedral & Dome Square: filled with cafes, restaurants and people, the main attraction being the Riga Cathedral.

9. Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum: it was established in memory of all the Jews that were killed by Nazis during World War II. It definitely is a place worth visiting.

10. River cruise: it is a great idea to go on a river cruise as you will pass the most important places of the city.

Find out more about it on karolinapatryk.com.

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