Leaving behind a legacy and creating a legacy are two sides of the same coin. You can only have a strong legacy to look back at if you take dedicated and pointed steps in building a strong one. And the most important aspect of building a legacy is to have a dedicated vision for it.

Every corporate, institute or organization has a vision written down in its manifesto. But it is usually treated as a page to be filled in, rather than being the core driving force of the working of the group. It is very rare that this vision is a result of thoughtful planning and understanding, and is imbibed by every individual working at that place.

Dr Pero Mićić, a renowned expert on foresight and future management, has an enlightening video on this topic called Your vision is Weak! He explains beautifully why having a perfect vision is necessary for building the right legacy of your organization. He starts right with the basics, explaining the term vision first and how so many people confuse it with the mission. His explanation is interesting from the word go and keeps you engaged throughout.

Watch the video on this link here, and we can guarantee a profound change in your outlook, which will in turn, help you build the right kind of legacy.

The concept of legacy has gained a lot of prominence in the MICE industry as well. Events are no longer just about the moment of action, but should have a deeper, long-lasting impact. Thus it is no surprise that the Talking Point for IMEX 2018 is ‘Legacy’.

Follow this link to know more about IMEX 2018 and the interesting trend of legacy.