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JT electric was founded in 1972 and is a full service supplier for the aquaculture industry around the world for responsible fishing preventing bycatch. Since 1 year Suni Justinussen is the new CEO in the company which is owned by some of the leading business people and investment companies from the Faroe Islands. JT Electric delivers all technical products for the aquaculture industry. The market is Faroe Islands and the rest of the world.

Suni Justinussen

20 years ago, JT started producing underwater lamps for salmon farming. This was the beginning of a new over sea market, which later led into big cooperation with foreign fish farmers and suppliers to this industry.

In June 2012, JT moved into new office and sales environments, making it possible to increase the sales and production part of the company.

The strategy has changed from being only a local company to be one of the leading companies in the north Atlantic, producing and selling feeding systems, underwater lights and cameras for the aquaculture.
JT is the market leader in the local aquaculture market on the Faroe Islands, which have been supplied with feeding systems, camera systems, lighting systems, automation systems, barges and technical installations.

Based in one of the world’s toughest testing environments for marine equipment, JT electric sees soaring overseas demand for its underwater applications, notably video recorders for trawl fishing, lights and cameras for fish farming, as well as full equipment for salmon and fish farming.

Under Suni’s leadership the company now takes the next big steps into international markets and at the same time constantly develops new products, like underwater cameras which deliver live images via acoustic sensors – no cables involved.

Despite sounding a bit technical and dry, it is a highly fascinating industry into which Suni takes us with his explanations. With a focus on salmon, the company for example develops and sells computerized and automatic feeding systems for fish in aquaculture.

Did you know that Salmon are very picky when it comes to food – they only accept the exactly same size and shape of pellets as the days before. Should the pellet be squeezed or shorter than before, they will refuse it.

The feed is very expensive, so it can’t be wasted and also can’t be provided to the fish following just a gut feeling about the quantity. The company builds the barges which store the feed for distribution and which are the centre of the feeding operation. The barge is connected with the cages in which the fish are kept. Through a central computer system, feed quantities are determined and given to the fish in the optimal way. Barges are built by JT Electrics since 2013, so they can provide everything necessary to aquaculture except the round cages and the net needed to keep the fish together.

For cages and nets JT Electrics co-operates with a cluster of companies in the same area which is a great advantage for intl. clients who come to see the supplies – they will receive a coordinated offer in Kambsdalur.

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