Times are changing and so is how we work together. How can MICE suppliers best align their business targets with the larger framework of sustainable practice and innovations?

Particularly the destination marketing sector and it’s stakeholders can be incredibly suited to become the nucleus of a new culture of collaboration in a joint communication strategy of a destination.

By increasing every stakeholder’s knowledge about the most important strategies, a feeling of belonging to the bigger context is created, which inspires and elevates every individual. The knowledge about and the interest for strategies, must become a default element of all communication to any international audiences. And, at the same time, a personal passion of everyone when talking about product and destination.

Everyone can help to fulfil the most significant needs for environment and society – just by communicating in a better way!

By unlocking new insights, new products and better sales strategies can be developed, which will in return, benefit all stakeholders. Knowledge, involvement, participation, and inspiration will lead to new stories told to “buyers”, not only from the MICE and tourism industry, but also to potential investors, talent, and all possible business relationships.

As a result, future marketing campaigns will be better focussed, more exciting and will target the strongest needs for change! This requires creativity and the courage to explore new ways, but will be so enriching.

Sustainable development, research projects, environmental recovery, society, and health issues or culture – all this can be part of an Integrated Destination Message. To be developed in collaboration with decision makers and main stakeholders across government, organizations, R&D, main convention centres and sustainably oriented businesses of all sorts. As a result, teams are then trained to carry on and communicate the destination’s mission – such an approach will truly create a Quantum Leap for any brand, as “buyers” will see the difference.

Carefully designed and themed study tours or experiential events will translate the key messages into practice  and kick-off a growth process through a steady feedback loop.

Creating Key Messages – Improving ROI — Implementation and Feedback — together with international MICE enthusiasts and destinations we create a lean and agile process for a new culture of collaboration. Needed to meet clients’ expectations and own society’s changing needs.

Arrange a call with me – Johanna Fischer at j.fischer@tmf-dialogue.com and let us discuss how to best create your Quantum Leap.