Many creative ideas as result from the Unordinary Meeting Week!

Faroe Islands: Meeting Ambassadors from different industries and organisations, stakeholders from the tourism industry (Hotels, venues, suppliers, the partners in the MICE network), representatives from the municipality, university etc. met at Kongshøll in Silo for a day of wrapping up and celebration. Brim Hoydal of Visit Faroe Islands Meetings, who was leading the 2024 project, gave a welcome speech – explaining the plans to further strengthen ‘Unordinary Meetings’ and how it aligns with the new tourism strategy “HEIM”.

During the conference a range of themes were covered, such as regenerative tourism, how to foster meaningful connections through meeting design, experimenting with different meeting formats where participants where actively involved.

As Water is a topical focus for this year, a “Water tasting” in the break laid the basis for delegates to ‘network’ over the conversion of bad weather into a lot of weather by changing perspectives. The water tasting demonstrated the difference between Danish tap water, Faroese tap water, water from a Faroese waterfall and Danish bottled water.

The conference day started with a woman playing the flute as music, together with water, are the two elements with references to key conferences this year!

All upcoming exiting conferences, spanning from seaweed/wool to Nordic weightlifting event, were presented. A sofa talk with Sóley and Greg about Tonik as example for a truly “Unordinary Meeting”, explored their take on organising an event that creates  meaningful connections also between art, tech industries and knowledge. Bárður Christiansen, a local artist who also exhibits at Tonik, added to the concept – to make a selection of his newest art pieces a part of the room design and the exhibition afterwards. To mix art with the tech content shows the versatility of art to be used as a different way to create network ‘spaces’ at conferences and integrate local culture, storytelling etc.

Visit Norðoy and Visit Vágar as up and coming regions for MICE business, were also part of the Unordinary Meeting Week and built their narrative on local stories and “personalities” whose mind-set can be inspiring for business meetings.

Lunch and the exhibition of Ideas developed during the week, took place at the Balcony in Silo in the afternoon. All the partners presented their new take on products that align with ‘Unordinary Meetings’ and meaningful connections. Many different ideas were introduced here for the first time.

The guests voted on the best ideas, which were then awarded after some good music. It was a very close count and we will be happy to present the best ideas in separate blog posts soon.

Number 3: Greengate with an event builder idea.

Number 2: Nax with many outdoor elements

And Number 1: Fiskastykkið…  wait for more!

The Jury also awarded an ‘innovation’ price. It was given to Jenny from Hotel Djurhuus, at she had already tested her “I-sock” idea for a group that had a meeting at her hotel.

Hotel Hafnia had developed a ‘Walk and talk’ product for business meetings and Hotel Hilton had made an ‘ocean dipping’ idea, that could be offered to people having meetings at Hilton.

Come and see all partners at IMEX in Frankfurt and learn more about the creative and innovative Ideas developed during the Unordinary Week. Also we will have another discussion with Greg Worley of TONIK about the concept of art and mixed tech. Please join on Wednesday at 11 am at Stand F290 of  Visit Faroe Islands Meetings to learn how topics that, as previously understood, have nothing to do with one another can create a perfect match. Perfect as an example of the need to let go of our previous ideas and take new paths.


If you organise conferences/events in a context of medical, research, energy, tunneling, water/ocean, sports or art, it will be a good idea to bring them to the Faroe Islands. The meeting ambassadors and Visit Faroe Islands Meetings will be happy to support.

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