In a welcome message posted on The Iceberg, discussing the industry’s need for such a vehicle, Joachim Koenig, President of the Joint Meetings Industry Council  described changes that have led to this point as an “internal revolution” and a shift of value proposition as an industry.

tmf dialogue is proud to be a formal industry partner of the project – it also reconfirms a dedicated   year-long effort in tmf’s work to showing the context between local knowledge and co-operation with key organizations involved, and the development of a place for the better: thus establish “legacy” – sustainable benefits for the local businesses and community. Creating such contextual messages also help congress organizers for easier orientation and planning of their events.

To many destinations (and venues) this is a new way of thinking which involves leaving previous comfort zones in marketing and going different ways to win congresses. The growing understanding of this context among suppliers, should be a strong motivation to participate in “The Value of Meetings Case Study Program” of JMIC’s  academic case study series, of which THE ICEBERG is the new advocacy platform.

Also in the frame of this program, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) will investigate meetings outcomes in trade, commerce and exports, knowledge transfer, professional and scientific development, healthcare and research. UTS  has established a measurement framework for future case studies which the meeting industry will be encouraged to adopt as best practice.

This framework  and academic rigor will tremendously support the communication with governments and industry leaders in the future and will help to better acknowledge the meaning of the meeting industry.XrYoHIUE

Once destinations and venues better understand the in-depth meaning of an “ICEBERG” approach (you only see the bit (of value) that floats on the surface – the rest is not obvious and hidden under-water) they will realize that the underlying “value proposition has shifted”, as Joachim Koenig, President of the Joint Meetings Industry Council commented, “to achievements for organizers, for participants and for the host communities”. He says further: “as simple as it sounds, this in fact has huge implications, because it places us (the meetings industry) at the very centre of both the global economy and the underlying scientific, professional, academic, business and social advancements that drive it.”

tmf dialogue is an expert for meeting industry related content since 23 years. The context between key areas of expertise and a destination’s infrastructure and strategies to win congresses ads inspiration and purpose to the story-telling and also to the self-concept of ourselves as part of the meetings industry: we are involved in a bigger context than just hotels and venues that need to be filled! There is an opportunity to co-operate with leaders of the local knowledge economy and to realize a wider picture of what a city or destination should be and can move towards.   JMIC’s “Value of Meetings Case Study Program”  is a shift in intelligence, awareness and in value – to ourselves as an industry as well as to any attempt in winning an international congress.