You want to be successful but you are not sure where to begin? It all boils down to three steps: 1. outline your goals and prioritze 2. start working towards these goals and finally 3. learn to love the journey.

If you want to be successful, you first have to determine what success means to you. The author Julie Zhuo explains in her article “How to Define Success” that about every six months, she takes some time to write down her goals for the following year. Try to keep these goals as specific as possible! That way, your vision becomes tangible and it will be easier to create a straightforward plan. It is also necessary to prioritize, if you try and tackle everything at once, you will lose focus, control and energy.

After you’ve figured out what your goals are, it is time to pursue them. The most important thing is to not let yourself get distracted. Self-control is the most useful skill you can develop in regards to achieving goals. Little victories on the way keep you on track and help to keep you from feeling too discouraged.

In order to truly feel successful, you need to be able to enjoy the journey. There will be set-backs and failures along the way. But you can’t let that bring you down! After every wrong (and right) turn you learn something new about yourself – and the more you learn, the more you mature. Only when you learn to focus on the journey and not just on the end result, will you feel happy and prosperous.

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