We want to research how sustainability aspects can improve design options and create new formates that really help everyone to grow in the right direction. A new project by ecomice explorers and IMEX Frankfurt 2022 tests innovative ways to create more relevance and value in a trade fair visit. It is start of a series of projects which aim at better serving collaboration in the  meetings industry.

The concept developed by ecomice (= ecology + economy + meetings industry) will bring together a group of sustainability-oriented event planners – the “ecomice explorers” – with a selection of projects at IMEX Frankfurt.

The aim is to identify the demand for sustainable offers and to inform the participating planners about innovative concepts, to learn together and to exchange ideas. We also want to develop a new way of cooperation between suppliers and buyers: a respectful and appreciative partnership allowing honest exchange and allowing a certain “vulnerability”*. This also means, among other things, talking about the lack of existing solutions and finding such solutions together.

More relevance for the customers – and for the providers – should be created through a tailor-made presentation and through competent and thematically relevant q & a. The group of sustainability-oriented planners will see presentations following different objectives which are, where possible, aligned with the UN Agenda  2030 SDGs. Ecomice determines with the providers how the presentation of sustainable visions, strategies can provide practical ideas for new programs including experience through legacy projects and knowledge transfer.

The “ecomice” concept presents interesting and new initiatives for sustainable projects, works out MICE-relevant connections and context and communicates to international target groups and business audiences.

The narratives resulting from this process provides the templates for new and creative offerings plus inspiration and motivation for meeting planners and the decisions they make. All development programs for the environment, culture and society can be included, but also the search for possible support for specific problems for the protection of natural and cultural resources.

At ecomice’s LinkedIn showcase, we one-by-one briefly present the providers involved in the #IMEX22 program and their ideas. After the fair, we will also share the ideas presented at the meetings with the group, in more detail.

The ecomice initiative is operated and communicated by tmf dialogue. In line with our idea of transparent, open and goal-oriented cooperation, we work with a network of international colleagues who complement each other and work together on projects. The common goal is to change our industry by building sustainable creativity and experiences.

Stay curious – we’re just at the beginning 😊

For questions please contact Johanna Fischer, project coordinator



ecomice is a consultancy and PR / marketing unit for sustainable legacy and supply chains in destinations.

It is an initiative of tmf dialogue.

Travelling today means to reduce negative impact as much as possible and to take responsibility for the destination. Our collaborative business model integrates all stakeholders to jointly follow the sustainable goals of the UN Agenda. We support building legacy projects (environmental and societal) and creating new programs. Follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/ecomice

Thanks so much for your interest and support in showing the industry that we can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.