Emotional engagement has always been viewed as a top tactic in the mainstream marketing industry since we tend to use emotions rather than facts to lead ourselves towards buying a product. It makes sense then, that this information can be transferred to the MICE industry when choosing a destination or venue. When delegates remember having a positive emotional experience at an event, it is more likely they attend similar events.

While there is still a few years until this kind of technology becomes mainstream, emotional tracking will become the event planner’s new best friend. Numerous technologies like biometric wearables or facial recognition softwares can be utilized to track emotions.

These technologies will track the emotional state of your attendees throughout your event. With this kind of live feedback and analysis, you can find out exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Another great benefit is that delegates will enjoy a perfectly tailored experience. Pepsi already took advantage of this technology during their 2014 Bioreactive concert at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Partygoers wore Lightwave wristbands which tracked data including movement, body temperature and excitement levels. This data was then analyzed and presented on an iPad in front of the DJ so he could adjust the music depending on the dancers’ overall mood.

But there are of course, new moral questions to consider. Privacy is already a major concern in today’s technological environment, so imagine what steps need to be taken when facial recognition/tracking software is adopted on a larger scale. Event planning and management will now have another issue to worry about: getting permission from all attendees to record and analyze data regarding their emotional and physiological states in order to better their experience.

Emotional tracking is no doubt a great opportunity to improve engagement and delegate satisfaction during events.Thankfully, we still have time to go to assess the situation and answer questions regarding the implementation of such technologies.

Source: www.cei.asia.

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