Korea, one of EPEX’s partners this year, has the fastest average internet connection speed in the world according to a recent Akamai “State of the Internet” report. This year’s speed (26.3 megabits per second) is 28% faster than last year!

WiFi speed and connectivity are becoming increasingly important for business events. Anywhere from under a hundred too thousands of guests will be trying to connect to WiFi during their free time or during the event to network and find out more information that may be posted on social networking sites such as twitter or facebook. If a participant is not able to connect to WiFi and if it does not work at a statisfactory speed, it will decrease their overall satisfaction with the event itself.

Korea is a perfect location in terms of WiFi capabilities. Many public spaces offer free WiFi, including those outside of the main cities like Seoul. Event participants will be happy to know they can continue working on their business and personal tasks even when they are not at the hotel or the event venue. And it’s just going to get better! Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul, plans to offer free WiFi in all public spaces by 2018, including in public transportation.

The other top countries with the highest average internet connection speed are: Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Original article found at www.meetingsnet.com

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