The Palacongressi opened its doors to 1,200 programmers, developers, and IT experts from around the world who shared and exchanged their experience on the most evolved and important open-source programming language. Seven days (9-16 July) of debates, exchanges and training, with 200 presentations, dedicated entirely to Python. Rimini and the Palas have once again been chosen as the ideal destination for this major international event.

A large global community of programmers from across the five continents work every day to develop “Python” and last week they all gathered together for the “EuroPython 2017” conference (9-16 July) at the Palacongressi di Rimini in the capital of the Romagnola Riviera. Seven days of work sessions with over 1,200 visitors taking part in a programme containing more than 200 presentations, plenary sessions with keynote speakers, training for beginners and more advanced levels for experts or operators in the sector. The conference was organised in the 10 large rooms of the Palas, all equipped with Full HD and network connections which had been specially extended for the event, as well as an exhibit area covering 11,000 sq m.

Key aspects dictating the organisers choice of destination for the conference were the value and opportunities Rimini offers. A city with a strong reputation and international appeal offering a wide range of leisure activities, as well as historical and cultural options. The participants were pleasantly surprised by the urban makeover the city has undergone, the redevelopment of the historical centre and its extraordinary seaside.

For over 20 years “Python” has been the most popular advanced programming language in industry, scientific research and for an infinite number of applications: from desktop, to web, to the development of videogames and scripting, with its most important feature being the fact that it is a completely free software, which can also be modified and redistributed with the rules of a normal open-source licence. These qualities have made “Python” one of the most widely used technologies with hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis, including net giants such as “Google”, “Facebook” and “ILM”. “YouTube” on the other hand uses Python in its platform each time we watch or download a video.

The event is not just one to experts or professionals. “Anyone interested in Python can find a space in this conference, even if they just want to learn how to use it – the organisers explain – this language guarantees the rapid and fun development of applications of any complexity and typology. The boundaries between users and developers have been overcome thanks to the use of a simple language that can develop solutions to complex problems without the need for great experience in programming”.

The event had been made possible thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the “Python” European association, and the support of numerous web and technological businesses and companies, among which are big names such as “Intel Software”, “Facebook” and “Microsoft”.

Source: Press release by Italian Exhibition Group

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