BOE INTERNATIONAL 2018 was the biggest ever so far. There were 550 exhibitors from 13 different countries and the event was attended by 10,400 visitors. Both the exhibitors and the visitors rated the event as highly satisfying and productive.

One of the exhibitors at the event was GAHRENS + BATTERMANN, represented this year with the products G + B Interactive® and ATOMIC Rental Solutions. They were not only present at their own exhibition counter in Hall 5, but also provided live support to the event, thus showcasing their products in the most practical way possible.

G + B Interactive® provided all the interactive communication between the guests and the hosts on dfv theme day. It included interactive mediums such as web app, voting, shopping cart, IDEAEXCHANGE, SPACE-TABLE etc. Atomic Designs were part of the stage and infrastructure set up at BOE. Their modular deco-building system, designer panels and super columns added a whole new dimension to the staging and structural aspect of BOE.

The detailed report of the exhibition and support on offer from GAHRENS + BATTERMANN for BOE 2018 can be found here on this article on the pressebox website.