Block the session! Tue, May 14, 12.30 – 1.15 pm, IMEX Frankfurt

EXPERIENCE 3.0: To solve urgent environmental problems like the massive droughts in Europe and around the globe, visitors and tourists must be involved in the countermeasures. To ignore the feelings of injustice raising among local people, means to put the future of tourism at risk through an increasing resistance against visitors.

And, why on earth should visitors be excluded from water-saving campaigns if local citizens suffer from drought and restrictions of water supplies? This is far away from a balanced and responsible tourism strategy and local community approach that is otherwise widely discussed in the industry.

Greece, Italy and Spain, particularly Catalonia and Andalusia are badly affected by lack of water, but in many other countries the same scenario looms too.

At upcoming IMEX Frankfurt, I will discuss with a handful of different experts on how we can take visitors along to make them aware of the problems and how to “awaken” feelings of responsibility and loyalty — visitors are not blind, they also feel concerned by drought. As an industry, we must come up with strategies to support and complement political and societal solutions.

To fight increasing drought, climate crisis and biosphere suffering, we need to develop new “Experience 3.0” programs, by expanding topics, allowing different ways of participation and using new knowledge and technology. Digitalization, data, and collaboration across stakeholders are necessary foundations to create Experience 3.0.

The discussion at IMEX is a first step to demonstrate how to shaping Experience 3.0 – to share examples of possible topics, technologies, and alternatives for refreshing and cooling can look like.

Experience 3.0 must find its way in sustainable tourism and MICE destination strategies, and It needs to be based on relevant education, knowledge and a fearless use of digital technologies and cross-industry collaboration on-site.

To talk about the importance of Water for society and tourism is an important topic for sustainability weeks in destinations or for whole conferences on Experience 3.0 and the connection of Water challenges with Tourism and MICE.


Johanna Fischer

FrauBlau, 8. April 2024


Join the Panel Session at IMEX Frankfurt, Tuesday, May 14, at 12.30 pm – 1.15 pm, in Forest Room, Inspiration Hub, Hall 9.