Luznava Manor

….is a top example for a cultural centre for art, music and social entrepreneurship. Very active in the community, Luznava Manor and it’s manager, Iveta Balčūne, initiate many projects that help local artists and small companies and at the same time enrich the local parish with their initiatives. It is located In the district of Latgale, near the Latgalian Sea – Lake Rāzna and the surrounding national park.

The manor was originally built in the early 20th century as a place for art and music. Over the decades it experienced many changes, becoming a school, military headquarters, then school again, parish administration and library.

From 2011 until 2014, the reconstruction works and revival of Luznava manor took place. Rezekne district municipality implemented the project.  At last in 2015 – the manor and park were reborn anew to inspire and become a true home for MUSE – this is what the name means and it is indeed an inspiring concept, organizing concerts, exhibitions and an annual Art Picknick in the park – as you can see on the video link from Art Picknick 2018 

Luznava Manor is an ambassador of the Latvian Social Entrepreneurship Association and is cooperating with the LIAA business incubator in Rezekne.

The building itself is an unusual example of romantic Art Nouveau built with an attempt to implement architecture and art tendencies of 20th century Europe. The manor was surrounded by more than a 20 ha large park with an outstanding diversity of trees and shrubs, uncountable variety of roses and phloxes, lovely park paths and seven picturesque ponds, in which fish were bred.

In 1977, the manor acquired the status of architecture monument of national importance. In the main building rooms are available – Luznava muses are gladly willing to inspire guests for longer moments. The residency opportunities are meant for artists to relish the inspiration of the manor and the park, while living and working creatively in Luznava Manor.

Any guest of the manor also has the opportunity to stay for the night at the residencies of Mary, Felicia or Sophia. Luznava manor rooms are given the Kerbedz’s family, which has a great importance in the manor’s growth and development, women’s names – Mary (Stanislav Kerbedz’s wife), Sophia (Stanislav Kerbedz’s daughter) and Felicia (Stanislav Kerbedz’s granddaughter). Common lounge area with fireplace is adjacent to the residencies.

If 3 rooms are not enough, there is a guesthouse a few minutes walk through the park, the guesthouse Svilpaunieki. More info

The website of Luznava Manor:

Ceramic Art is a key craft in the Latgale region. We visited one of the best known artists, who create the unique black ceramic ware, Aivars Ušpelis.

In the farmstead you can see a pottery workshop, paintings by the artist’s wife and a collection of antiques. The owner is a character, living and working like in ancient times, self-supporting and happily working from his withdrawn place.

He learned the art of making black ceramics from his father and it is fascinating to watch the production process and the baking of the pots and vases and decoration he is doing. The items are beautiful and affordable and make for a great present for any conference delegates in Latvia. It is a unique art – Aivars is one of four members of the “Pūdnīku skūla” (Potters’ School) group who build their work on ancient tradition.

Here some impressions for you:


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