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Fargen is a major research project using the registries of the Biobank and it aims at identifying the genomic infrastructure of the Faroese Society by sequencing of all apprx. 22.000 genes.

The registries as explained above, the geographic location and the small population make the Faroes very interesting in the context of genetics research.

All Faroese people are registered in the so-called Genealogy Registry, which is a family tree of the Faroese people dating all the way back to the 17th century.  They also have a special system that records health information, a joint digital health record, (THS as abbreviated in Faroese), and this means that the islands have cohesive public health services. These robust records are useful tools for genetics research of the Faroese population.

All these factors make the Faroe Islands uniquely well suited to genetics research. The FarGen project has the potential to enable high-level research opportunities in the Faroe Islands, which would be of great interest both locally and internationally.

(this info and more you find on the project website: https://www.fargen.fo/en/home/)


The Biobank is open for cooperation with both academic and commercial entities, senior Scientists as well as Students (in medicin, biomedicin, Mol. biology etc.). For further information and inquiry about possible cooperation please fell free to contact:

Guðrið Andorsdóttir, director

e-mail: gudrid@biobank.gov.fo

Phone: +298 30 47 00

Direct line: +298 30 47 01

Mobile phone: +298 59 10 20

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