Faroe Islands Translate, the online translation service, which saw Faroese volunteers translating by video in a bid to have the unique Faroese language included on Google Translate, was a viral hit last year and now the campaign has won the top Travel & Tourism award at the World Media Award ceremony on March 23 in London.

Faroe Islands Translate allowed people from around the world to type their word or phrase into the website and to have a translation video instantly recorded by a Faroese volunteer and sent back, free of charge. The initiative allowed people everywhere to learn words in Faroese, whilst watching and listening to a local speaking the language, and also to gain a window into the magical world of those that live in the Faroe Islands.

According to the jury, the campaign was “a simple and genius idea, engaging the population of the Faroe Islands in a campaign to save their language, creating a viral campaign which generated awareness of a little-known territory.”

Have a look at the short video to learn more about the campaign.

This year’s win follows the 2017 viral success of the Sheep View campaign, which also scooped the top award in the same category.

Although the campaign has ended, you can still see thousands of translations at www.faroeislandstranslate.com