Knowing that a planner’s time is valuable and must be well spent, in 2003 the Danish meetings industry has come together to create Meetovation, with a clear aim in mind, creating value and increasing ROI. Meetovation increases learning, boosts energy and helps create the change you want in your participants.

Meeting Design based on the Faroese identity

Visit Faroe Islands and partners have developed a new meeting design based on the Danish Meetovation concept, which includes five elements that can be used for customizing your meeting and can help you achieve an effective and valuable meeting. The five pillars are:

  1. Involvement of delegates
  2. Creative use of the physical facilities
  3. Green and responsible operation
  4. Integration of authentic and local flavour
  5. Measuring the Return on Meeting Investment

You can read more about the key concepts in the Meetovation manifesto.

The majority of meeting industry partners in the Faroe Islands have been certified with Meetovation diplomas and can thus provide many examples of meetovated meetings. Their Meeting Design is based on the strong character traits in the Faroese identity.

The iconic features stand out – the incredible nature, with amazing mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and the ocean, the freshness and green surroundings. Should you take a closer look into the Faroese everyday life, you will notice many other smaller things you probably didn’t know about. Like for example, a culture for birds, sheep, woolen products, green energy, fish and gastronomy.

In your collaboration with the Faroe, you can ask any partner for ideas for your next meeting in the Faroe Islands, so that you will be able to maximize your return on meeting investment.

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