Sheep View 360, the initiative that saw the Faroe Islands enlist the help of its many (80,000) sheep to put the islands on the Google Street View map, has won three awards (gold, silver and bronze) at the Cannes Festival of Creativity.

The event, which took place last week in Cannes, is considered the largest gathering of worldwide advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators and marketers. The Lion awards are the most coveted and well respected in the entire advertising and creative communications industry.

With a budget of only 250,000 EUR, Sheep View 360 generated two billion media impressions and an estimated PR value of around 40 MEUR. The campaign, in turn, shared the natural beauty of the little-known islands with the world, garnering support from countless destinations worldwide.

The campaign saw Faroese resident Durita Dahl Andreassen combine forces with Visit Faroe Islands to undertake a unique sheep-based mapping system to petition Google to put the destination on Street View, thus unlocking the Faroes’ hidden beauty. By mounting cameras on the back of sheep, which periodically captured 360˚ images as they wandered the hillsides freely, Durita was able to upload the pictures to Google maps, thus creating the unique ‘Sheep View’.

Nominated alongside other fantastic PR campaigns, Visit Faroe Islands was thrilled to scoop the awards.

Guðrið Højgaard, Director at Visit Faroe Islands, said: “It is an amazing feeling to know that the campaign reached its goal, which was first and foremost to merely let people know that the Faroe Islands exist. The campaign has put a spotlight on the Faroe Islands as a travel destination, and we are thrilled that this has resulted in an increase in tourism in the Faroe Islands.”

More than 41,000 entries were submitted across 24 Lions.

Árni G. Olsen, Sales- and Marketing Manager at Atlantic Airways, said: “To win three awards at Cannes is more than anyone dares to dream about. This is an incredible honour and we are delighted that the campaign worked so well.”

Working with Visit Faroe Islands on Sheep View 360 were creative agencies Sansir and Liquidminds, the Faroese national carrier, Atlantic Airways, Kovboyfilm, London-based PR agency, Travel PR, and Hamburg-based PR agency, Ehrenberg.

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