From 17-19 August, ICCA CEC Summer Meeting is going to take place in Lviv, Ukraine. ICCA members are cordially invited to join the annual meetings conference.

Anna Górska, ICCA CEC Chairperson:

“(…) Our annual meeting is usually a great opportunity to exchange ideas and best practice initiatives, to network and to learn but this year we will have an opportunity to experience all of that in the city which is called the Europe’s last hidden gem!

Lviv is not only the home of various cultural institutions, but also its historic city centre is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Moreover, the hosts prepared a very rich social programme for us to make sure we will be able to get to know the unique flavour of Lviv.

This year we will concentrate on the very up-to-date topic “Safety and Security of our Meetings”. We have invited local and international speakers to share with us their case studies, views and recommendations on how to be prepared for the challenges facing us in the changing world today.”

Lina Ostapchuk, Director of Lviv Convention Bureau, was honoured to be chosen as host:

“We would first like to thank ICCA for giving us the privilege of hosting the Summer CEE Meeting inLviv.  The Lviv Convention Bureau is young compared to many of you who have been gaining expertise for years. We have learned so much from you and now hope to acknowledge your generosity by giving you what we hope will be a memorable experience.

We look forward to bringing people together in a favourable environment for creative solutions, knowledge exchange, and intellectual stimulation. The theme of Safety and Security of our Meetings is a serious and necessary one indeed. So we are planning to provide some variety to the agenda to engage appeal of an entirely different nature.

If you have never been toLviv, you might feel a glimpse into an old world, primarily because of the eclectic architecture, narrow cobblestone walkways, and music freely played in the central city. The café society so common in Europe is widespread in Lviv, and you will likely feel at home within the international culture that has been a part of this region for centuries.”

She continues: “We encourage you to register now for what we hope will be an important meeting to our region and to the industry as a whole.  All of us at Lviv Convention Bureau look forward to getting to know you and renewing acquaintances.  Mostly, we want to extend a hearty welcome to you in our city.”

The registration for ICCA CEC Summer Meeting is available on the website until July 31.

Contact person:
Oksana Spolyak
+38 (032) 254 60 99