Germany, May 2024 – tmf dialogue’s Johanna Fischer presented different aspects of the FrauBlau concept during IMEX in Frankfurt.

FrauBlau combines new technologies, narratives and improvements for critical water situations in destinations which are urgently needed. Conferences to intensify cooperation between tourism and the local water and innovation sector, water demand management campaigns based on new technology and the application of water as part of HydroHealth programs against stress are some of the modules introduced.

FrauBlau’s strategies are built on proactively encouraging visitors and local communities to engage, and to achieve changes in behavior when dealing with the precious resource of water.

Instead of pointing fingers, FrauBlau ‘s principle relies on the application of innovation and ideas, the collection and presentation of data around local water situations, shaping new contexts and providing alternatives for heat resilience and cooling.

“How to engage visitors in water demand management in destinations” – that was the title of FrauBlau’s panel discussion on day 1 of IMEX, with representatives of new digital technologies and experts from destination marketing, hotel sales and DMC services.

Effective options go much beyond the usual stickers in bathrooms and publications of to-do lists on websites. What it takes to involve visitors and delegates in feeling responsible and to contribute to improvements is both a psychological and a technical issue. Experiential discoveries, entertaining good purpose and practical involvement need digital experiences. Digital experiences again are based on data, which in most cases are not available yet. Hence data collection and their visualisation is the basis for creative campaigns.

New solutions such as the real-time water measurement device which was developed by Hydrop can help fill the existing gaps. If achievements and measures can be shown and demonstrated, they are strong motivators. According to Raimund Koop from Hydrop, up to 20% savings in water consumption can be achieved if consumers (e.g. guests in hotels) can directly “see” the results of their efforts. Proactive stimulation and reminders provided from hotel and venue staff create joint interest and passion for improvements. Most of all, it is necessary to expand all personal and professional bonds and to learn, exchange information between hitherto unconnected departments, give small incentives and show enthusiasm.

Expanding knowledge and mixing topics relating to water make wonderful new programs and easily create a good legacy for congress delegates plus give more meaning and purpose to visitors.  

The inherent health aspects of water are a (scientifically proven) FrauBlau element to increase stress-resilience and self-care. Why not include a “Day of Water Magic” in incentive or conference programs – it will add a whole new aspect to your event! We call this easy-to follow concept “HydroHealth”, a modernized version of traditional naturopathy concepts. Cold water applications such as the Kneipp treatments (well-known in Germany) produce demonstrable stress reduction when used regularly and they are mixed with food and experiences related to water and unique for the destination.

Being fun and simple, these programs are particularly authentic and exeriential in their very different way. Together with an expert introduction from FrauBlau’s partner Prof Dr. Dr. Uehleke, a renownded scientist in the field of naturopathy and cold water applications –  the programs can be a module in motivating delegates to better look after themselves.  Inexpensive and easy to use, cold water dips – in streams, rivers and on the beach – are a way for bnb’s and small hotels to offer their guests a health-driven well-being program. Food can be made part of the water responsibility concept and you have a holistic and unique program to offer. Brought in context with the congress’ area of business, meaningful legacy topics can stimulate both the local population and the participants to foster new thinking and behavior.

Water-related programs are a new topic and can be adapted to serve local strategies like beach tourism and wetland programs. New technologies can help to purify and cool water for alternative offers in hotels where pools can not be filled due to droughts.

On top of sharing the new concept for practical sustainable development through a focus on water, FrauBlau was selected as one of 10 best practices presenting at IMEX in the Thursday program of BEFuture “Innovate and accelerate: Best practice pitch and deep dive”. More about the 3-days program at IMEX: BEFUTURE at IMEX

BEFuture aims to transform  Europe’s Business Events sector. The goal is to create a new business model that prioritises sustainability, inclusivity and resilience. By co-designing solutions with the entire Business Events ecosystem, BEFuture aims to make a positive and enduring impact and is co-funded by the European Union. More info about BEFUTURE

FrauBlau’s take on best practise is that tourism and MICE business are increasing in numbers and are water intensive. The countries receiving the most travelers are also those which have the biggest problems with water. They are either located in sun drenched nations (droughts, lack of ground water), along coastal or riverside areas (floods, pollution, loss of ecosystems) or losing important water and climate balance factors like forests and wetlands. The common problems of sinking groundwater levels, salination of groundwater, droughts and increased water use as a consequence of heat, the challenges for food production and a mentality of exploiting and not giving back, make it necessary to rethink the ways how we deal with water as societies, individuals and in our industry.

FrauBlau has the mission to communicate the threats for water in most areas of the world, and to offer innovative concepts for improvement through tourism – with the aim of becoming part of the solution rather than being part of the problem. it is a concept involving local communities, different industry sectors and the tourism development.

For more details or to set up a meeting/conference call, contact Johanna at or on LinkedIn