FrauBlau is an initiative by @ecomice to infuse awareness about water in the global meetings and tourism industry and to offer practical solutions for useful applications of SDG 6.

Why Water? Water is already and will become even more, one of our biggest challenges on the planet in the years to come. We all need water, our meetings need water, businesses need water, all life on earth needs water. And in many places we have either too little, too much, or it is too polluted and solutions for developing countries are too expensive. Water challenges are not only concerning developing countries but every single place on earth – as we all could see in summer 2022.

We need to be extra careful with all things water and we will need to do more with less.

Many businesses will deal with water challenges and new supplies and new services around water coming up in the next years will also create new opportunities and new meetings. It’s time to share case studies and to offer Marketing Solutions how congresses, meeting planners and destinations can better operate with more awareness and care for water.

We ensure that sustainability strategies are put into practice and we focus on SDG 6 Water and Sanitation and it’s interference with SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life in the Ocean and SDG 15 Life on Land.

“Many countries face a growing gap between the amount of water they can supply reliably to their economies and the amount they need. Assuming continued economic and population growth, by 2030 water supplies will satisfy only 60 percent of global demand and less than 50 percent in many developing regions where water supply is already under stress, including China, India, and South Africa. Closing the gap by increasing supply—through desalination, the drilling of deep wells, or transporting surface water—will be extremely difficult and expensive. More likely, governments will need to manage demand, either by raising the price of water or by capping the amount of it that users can draw.” (quote taken from:

With FrauBlau Focus (on) Water we create the narratives and communicate relevant topics to both meeting planners as well as to water and subject related business communities, to attract their meetings to destinations with relevance and good examples. We create new connections and develop concepts around water saving and water awareness (e g for congresses or conference centers).

ecomice and the initiative of FrauBlau are mission-driven, for-profit activations for the global Meetings and Tourism Industry. Contact us to discuss your individual plans, details are in the infographic below.