Travelling more responsibly and selecting experiences with a sustainable edge in the Faroe islands must include enjoying local food and creative cooking with what is available on spot.

Are you aware that the Faroe Islands have developed into a culinary hotspot in the North Atlantic and are a prime example of the growing enthusiasm for the distinct and extraordinary cuisine in the Nordics? Faroese gastronomy belongs to the international culinary scene, and many visitors are curious to taste and explore the unique preparations.

The islands are famous for their love of experimentation – many new taste sensations are brought to the plate as a result. Fermenting food has a long tradition here – as a necessity to store the scarce food items for off season periods in old times. Lamb, fish, vegetables are fermented or wind-dried and are available with innovative recipes in the growing number of unique specialty restaurants in Tórshvan and elsewhere.

„The Faroese restaurant culture has changed drastically within the last decade, not in the least because of a few brilliant and innovative Faroese chefs, initially led by the celebrated Leif Sørensen and more recently by the chef at 2-star Michelin-star restaurant KOKS, Poul Andrias Ziska. Not only has it become commonplace for Faroe Islanders to eat at restaurants, they have also started to accept that traditional Faroese food is suitable for fine dining.

New restaurants are consistently emerging. One of the newest in line is (surprise, surprise) Ræst, * (meaning “fermented) which serves traditional Faroese dishes – the type you’d find on family dinner tables across the country. On the menu is fermented cod, fermented lamb intestines and fermented colon on sauerkraut, mustard and croutons. Delicious..” (taken from VisitFaroeIslands website)

The famous Faroese Restaurant KOKS (2 Michelin star awarded restaurant) has relocated to Greenland for 2 years, while building a new home in the Faroe Islands (after moving around various exotic places in the Faroe Islands). But – in order not to deprive guests of the special concept of Faroese food & International wines experience during this time, the chef and team have made sure to open two offshoots of KOKS in Torshavn.

The Raest (fermented specialities) and the Roks (for fish).

The ROKS has recently opened near the harbour in Torhavn and has a special focus on great wines that are served by the glass together with delicate and fresh seafood set menus and all in an informal atmosphere. The restaurant has been featured in the “Live Update: New Restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries – June 2022 Part 1″

Check the ROKS facebook page for some appetizing pictures and more info

The Restaurant Ræst serves fermented and traditional cuisine in an authentic location in the old part of Tórshavn and offers a stunning selection of food – for example Kelp, which is carefully harvested in the fjord of Kirkjubøur and has a big impact on several elements on the menu – for fermentations, infusions and curing.

Ræst now was also selected/recommended in the 2022 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries.

Get more inspiration on their facebook page and don’t forget to make a reservation before you come to the Faroe Islands!


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