Music has been an integral part of Faroese culture. Music, specifically ballads, was heavily used in traditional storytelling. These different ballads, most performed without any instruments, were passed on orally starting from the 13th century.  At the turn of the 1800s, the Faroese people began to incorporate instruments and to write them down.

A great example of Faroese tradition is the ring dance named Føroyskur dansur, even though it stems from medieval southern Europe. As the church grew more powerful in the southern regions and banned dancing, the Faroe Islands became the only place this tradition was routinely practiced. It’s a very simple dance; all the dancers hold hands in a circle while the leader (or Kvøðing) begins every verse of the ballad.

Continuing into modern times, Faroese music started taking inspiration from all the different genres on the market. Even though this country may seem small, it has produced quite a number of famous musicians. The most famous are probably Teitur, Eivør, and the Viking metal band Týr. And, surprisingly, the Faroe Islands has its own symphony orchestra! Music truly is a core piece of Faroese culture, the many music festivals taking place annually can only attest to this fact.

Make sure to click on the link below to hear some great songs by Faroese artists!


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