Green Gate DMC at IMEX 22 – Bringing Life to Cultural Sustainability!

Wool, knitting, slow fashion can be unique elements of an unusual incentive or part of an educational program around cultural sustainability!

We need to rethink what it is that motivates employees these days. How can we reach out to their emotions and create long-lasting experiences that can match new patterns of thinking and changing lifestyles?

Attitudes and behaviour towards nature and culture of the destinations visited, can be explored best during experiences based on true authenticity. We suggest considering deceleration, relaxation, cultural experiences and sharing ways to protect the local identity as valuable means to help employees learning more about themselves.

The Faroe Islands’ DMC GreenGate (at Stand of Faroe Islands at IMEX) has created a wonderful and culture-caring program, dealing with both beautiful and long-lasting sustainable fashion from the Faroe Islands from wool and knitting traditions.

You might not immediately see the value in knitting or wool? We want to demonstrate how special it can be to re-discover old techniques, to work with wool as a natural material and to experience the full supply chain of wool “production”!

A “supply chain” starting with the lovely sheep, and shearing, spinning, dying, knitting, creating fashion, art, and a whole local passion around wool, the people who love and protect local wool and its unique characteristics. The program is a parameter for the good and simple things in life that are worth to discover (again).

Wool – its also called “the Gold of the Faroe Islands”, as for centenaries, wool was one of the few products and natural resources available in the Faroe Islands.

11 good reasons for planning a fashion, wool & knitting program with GreenGate!

1) Wool and knitting experiences can be part of an incentive for the fashion industry to demonstrate the value of sustainable supply chains and a change in attitude

2) It can be a program for any other organization that looks for authentic ways to re-establish a healthy mind and balance among their participants. That means: actually for almost everyone

3) Wool is one of the most natural and sustainable material to make clothes from

4) It is relaxing to knit in social groups and to learn about techniques for patterns

5) Faroese Wool has unique characteristics as for example a self-cleaning effect (exception: if you drop a cup of coffee on your cardigan)

6) Wool is part of art and lifestyle in the Faroe Islands: the national museum of the Faroe Islands shows a series of art pieces made from wool

7) The new Faroyar Hotel has commissioned art pieces from wool for the walls in their new rooms

8) Faroe Knitting patterns are a national legacy and have a lot of meanings (there are great stories around the meanings)

9) Knitting gives jobs to women in the remoter islands

10) Knitting brands in the Faroe Islands have very trendy fashion and are further revitalizing the subject

11) The sheep are just so cute

You find GreenGate at the stand of Visit Faroe Islands Meetings at IMEX, F 240

Several great fashion brands in the Faroe Islands, each with its own distinguished style, colours, and patterns show how old cultures can find their way into modern lifestyle. The video gives you a great insight into the topic of wool, fashion, and cultural sustainability.

If you join our survey, you can win 1 of 2 sweaters from internationally known fashion brand Gudrun & Gudrun to give away for participants of the survey we do in the meetings’ industry.

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