It has been proven time and again that employees aren’t just a cog in the machinery of the organization, but the most important factor in the success of the company. It therefore is very important for the organizations to keep their employees happy and motivated. If your employees wake up eager and excited on a Monday morning for work, there is nothing which can stop the progress of the company.

100% New Zealand recognizes this importance and has come up with a book titled The Art of Employee Happiness It is a comprehensive research on the importance of employees to the organization and how to tap their potential. It delves into the basic aspects of employee pain and motivation. Having understood that, it gives insightful suggestions into how to boost the morale of the employees and keep them happy.

The book brings to light the fact that the millennial generation is not satisfied with monetary incentives alone. That is not enough to bring out the best in them. They value creativity, innovation, trust and freedom from their employers in order to give their best output. The sense of belonging and ownership in the success of the company is a strong motivator for the employees.

This book is an excellent read for the employers and employees alike. It puts down key points in an easily understandable fashion which everyone can take a cue from. Reading this book won’t take long, but the benefits from it would certainly be long-lasting. Grab your copy here.

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