Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau (HVCB) continues to increase its presence in the global MICE market. Chief Executive Officer Gary Kahn believes that the MICE industry is great asset and will become increasingly important to the Indian and global economy as it also promotes tourism and technology development.

Hyderabad is a great location for MICE events due to the seameless intertwining of tradition and new world technology. The Indian city posseses great local knowledge in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and IT.

The Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau is a network of MICE industry professionals, hotels, convention centres and other venues. Members of the network cooperate to present Hyderabad in the best light as an international event destination. Although the network has expanded to include a wide range of venues, Mr. Kahn has acknowledged the lack of so called “superstructures” created to host massive events under one roof. He notes, “There has been a spur of involvement by the private and public sectors to grow MICE arenas nationally.”

He continues that competition between India and the rest of the world can be extremely beneficial, “with competition, expenses of products and services provided to the organisers in the meetings industry become price competitive providing an advantage to India” As a result of competitive pricing, possible clients tend to focus more on infrastructure, accessibility, accommodation, industry presence in the destinations, and quality of support from local professionals.

Kahn explains one aspect clients find most attractive is that the “HCVB promotes the ‘Whole of City’ approach to all congress organisers who are seeking venues in Hyderabad. While facing challenges, HCVB takes the support of the State Government, Department of Tourism in providing collaboration opportunities to the various organisers.”

Kahn concludes: “As member of this segment, we need to provide supportive documents and materials to the local and central government to further lay effective prioritisation to all international congresses coming to the country. Once a revenue model (that is borne out of this industry) is well absorbed by the officials, the importance of this industry will then be given paramount importance in all divisions. Our product – The India Meetings Industry is a by-product of the Make in India initiative.”

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