One of the main topics at IMEX Frankfurt 2018 will be the role of women in the business world. In this context, Dawn Repoli, Executive Director and COO of WINiT, a non-profit organisation focused on changing the careers and lives of women, shares some ideas on how you can affect change in the world, as well as the workplace.

Whilst being on a flight, Dawn Repoli spotted a young women who seemed to be a victim of human trafficking. After struggling with her own decision to say something or be silent, she stood up and so rescued the woman’s life. “Seeing the elation and relief on the face of that young woman as she was escorted off the plane by US authorities, free from her captors and hopefully toward the process of being reunited with her family, was one of the most moving experiences of my life”, Dawn Repoli says.

She continues: “The choice to say something can make a real and lasting impact on the lives of others. This experience has given me a new lens through which to see so many things, personally and professionally. As the executive director of a non-profit focused on changing the careers and lives of women, I encourage every one of our members and leaders to consider how they can personally step up, be present, and use their voice and actions to change history – for others and for themselves.”

She further draws a connection to the business world and gives some tipps on how we all can change the course of history for women, even if it’s one woman at a time.

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Inspirational women from around the world are sharing their perspectives on the current climate at She Means Business, taking place the day before the show on Monday 14 May, as part of EduMonday at IMEX in Frankfurt. The new half day conference, created in partnership with tw tagungswirtschaft magazine, celebrates the role of women in the industry. Meeting and event strategists – both female and male – are invited to network and learn from a packed programme of highly influential speakers and mentors.

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