According to a report of the International Labour Organization (ILO), an arm of the United Nations, 3 million new jobs could be created in the renewable energy sector in India – if 40 % of the country’s electricity will come from renewables by 2030. At the moment, only 7.5 % derive from renewables.

Due to scaling down of carbon-intensive and resource-intensive industries, 259.000 jobs could be lost. The 3 million new jobs however, will “more than offset” these 259,000 jobs, said the report that analysed how climate-change mitigation could affect jobs in India and globally.

The net increase of approximately 2.8 million jobs will be the result of the adoption of sustainable practices, including changes in the energy mix, the projected growth in the use of electric vehicles, and increases in energy efficiency in existing and future buildings,” the report said.

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